Weekend Chill Time…

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Weekends that were once packed full of parties with friends, day trips with partners and meals with family look a little different at the moment. Did you used to you reach the end of Sunday evening, and ever find yourself feeling more tired than you did on Friday afternoon? Wondering how it’s already Monday morning, or saying ‘the weekend goes too quick’? Have you noticed you stopped doing that since we’ve been in lockdown ? Are you appreciating the slower pace ?

Here are some simple tips to make the most out of your weekend and have some valuable weekend chill time:

  • KEEP ACTIVE , whether its a walk, jog, pilates class make sure you schedule in time to do some exercise you’ll feel so much better for it ! Our Saturday morning 10am class is a great one to join, super fun, very energising and a great way to start your day.
  • HAVE A NIGHT IN WITH YOUR MATES, book a Zoom call, pre dinner drinks, an online quiz- cahoot is great, supper over zoom something social really helps to not only lift your mood but to remain connected to friends and family during this time.
  • COOK UP A FEAST, the weekend allows a little more time for cooking, maybe its a favourite recipe or something new. Use this time to make nourishing healthy and wholesome dishes.
  • FRIDAY FILM NIGHT, this has become a popular choice in our household, each Friday we choose a family film and settle down together to enjoy. You even have a go at theming your supper and drinks to match to the movie. We recently watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, sipped champagne cocktails and nibbled on little pastries. We’ve also had a Mexican themed evening and watched Coco. It’s great fun and something to really look forward to.
  • GET OUTDOORS, with the garden centres now open its a perfect excuse to spend sometime making your garden even more beautiful. A few new plants or herbs really lift the garden.
  • CHILL, and of course use this time to relax. I recently read a great article which was so inspiring. It reminded me that weekend chill time is so precious, use it to unwind, to relax, to do nothing and don’t feel guilty about it. Sometimes just relaxing is the best thing you can do!

So whatever it is that works for you, i’m wishing you a wonderful weekend !

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