“It is my aim to guide you to discover your ultimate movement potential. Each session is fresh, inspiring, fun and i’m pretty sure you’ll leave with a smile.”

~Ruth Green  

Pneuma: a breath of life, spirit and soul

At Pneuma we believe Pilates should be a personal journey. To achieve this you need someone who can understand your health history, your injuries and your limitations but can at the same time enable you discover your ultimate potential.

Pneuma Pilates has evolved over the years into an all inclusive studio offering a variety of small group sessions, mixed equipment classes, reformer pilates, stretch sessions and private classes. We have recently relocated to South Somerset. We offer mixed ability classes for those unable to attend the studio. We keep all our classes small so we can give you individual and personalised attention. This allows for concentration on technique and form whether you are a beginner or experienced client.

Pneuma Pilates’ vision

The vision has always been to provide a friendly, welcoming environment to safely and effectively strengthen the body and mind through Pilates. We aim to create a positive community where you can embrace and empower pneuma.

Ruth, the founder and owner of Pneuma Pilates enjoys sharing her passion of pilates and body awareness with her clients, and really believes it is for every body. She has helped many clients rehabilitate after surgeries and injuries as well as worked with elite athletes, horse riders, dancers and those with chronic illness. Whatever your needs, Ruth is passionate about supporting you and helping you achieve your goals.

A bit more about Ruth Green

Ruth studied ballet, tap, modern and contemporary dance from a young age which created the foundation for her passion of flowing spirited movement . Ruth participated in pilates classes and soon realised that her dance background complemented her love of pilates, biomechanics and body movement. After 12 years of participating in classes Ruth gained her qualification as a registered specialist Pilates instructor. Her extensive study includes qualifications in basic, intermediate and advanced mat pilates, stretch, pilates barre, pre and postnatal exercise, small equipment, large equipment including the Reformer and Wunda chair and orthopaedic conditions. Ruth continues to deepen her understanding of biomechanics and pilates by regularly attending workshops, training courses and seminars.

Inclusive Pilates classes for all abilities

It was after setting up Ruth Green Nutrition that Ruth realised there was a lack of small all inclusive Pilates studios, having a passion for Pilates herself and having first hand experience of the many benefits for both mind and body, Ruth decided to open a studio for her nutrition clients, to offer them the full package of nutrition and wellbeing. From the original concept grew the now very popular and busy pilates studio and classes.

Pneuma Pilates is very inclusive, we have clients in their teens all the way up to those in their 90s , women, men, couples and all levels from beginner to advanced. Many clients come to us with current injuries or looking for a rehab programme others are athletes and lots are just keen individuals who love pilates!

Ruth is always happy to help should you need further information.