Pneuma Pilates is inspirational. I've advanced so much with Ruth's amazing knowledge, support and humour. There's something for everyone from beginner to advanced, stretching to a tough workout. Harriet
Brilliant all round, I'm really enjoying myself and can feel a big difference already. Thank you so much Ruth. Bridget
Ruth is an amazing teacher and an fabulous person. Organised, cheerful, has the lessons extremely well planned and varied making sure to address all parts of the body. I have been doing Pilates for the past 30 years with various teachers. Ruth is definitely the best! Hava
Having started a weekly class with Ruth around 18 months ago, I quite quickly increased to twice a week having seen and felt the difference Pilates was making to my body.Ruth is a fantastic instructor as she doesn’t just teach you Pilates, she helps you understand the physical and mental benefits of the exercises you are doing. She is also incredibly mindful of individual needs within a group class and makes you feel so comfortable whatever your ability.I can’t imagine not having Pilates in my life now!  Lucy
I have been attending Ruth's Pilates classes for nearly 4 years, within that time Ruth has taught me how to improve my strength, core and flexibility. I have gained confidence within myself and have learnt I can do whatever I put my mind to. I enjoy using the Reformer and Wunda Chair as well as Mat Work. Ruth is a wonderful Teacher with lots of patience and encouragement. I thoroughly recommend Ruth at Pneuma Pilates.    Helen
Ruth is a dedicated & highly experienced teacher & I have benefited from her Pilates classes for nearly 5 years now. Ruth has an intuitive understanding of her clients needs & how best to challenge us individually without ever making us feel that we can’t do it. Her professional supportive teaching style inspires me to stretch & push myself;  I always feel so much stronger  & flexible after each session. I cannot recommend Ruth’s classes highly enough.   Jane
Ruth at Pneuma Pilates has really helped me develop my core as a dancer I am very hyper mobile, the movements in Pilates help to strengthen my muscles and increase my control and precision whilst dancing. Ruth is a great teacher she explains each exercise really well.    K.G
As a former rugby player and strength athlete, I approached Ruth to help me with my flexibility and nutrition. I was immediately put at ease by Ruth's friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable approach. I now have regular Pilates reformer sessions which have transformed my body and the way I feel.     Pete
Ruth has been amazing in helping me recover my mobility and strength after serious illness. She even came to me at home which meant I could begin my recovery more quickly. Her patience and confidence that I could achieve fitness again has been invaluable. I couldn’t have done it without Ruth!    Karen