Pneuma Pilates Studio and local classes are held in and around the Sherborne area.

The Pilates studio is based just outside of Sherborne, following a recent move from Oxfordshire! We offer group classes in Charlton Horethorne and online. Private sessions can be wherever you wish!

Pilates class

Pilates Classes

Group classes are great for those with no serious injuries, who like the social aspect of a class environment and who can commit to a scheduled time most weeks.

Our matwork class combines classical and dynamic Pilates, all equipment is provided we use both the mat as well as small equipment including but not limited to balls, bands, magic circles, toning balls, spikey balls, foam rollers and balance pods. All our classes are kept small to ensure they are tailored and personalised to suit each individual. There is a matwork class to suit everyone.

Our equipment class includes the use of traditional Pilates apparatus including the reformer, wunda chair and spinal arc. The apparatus classes are kept to a maximum of 4 to ensure the highest quality teaching is provided with correct technique so you can reach your full potential.

Our stretch and tone class is a gentle and fun class where we mobilise the joints, lengthen and stretch the muscles and focus on improved flexibility, suitable for all!

Pilates Studio offering private sessions

Private and Duet sessions

Private lessons are ideal for anyone wanting a more personalised experience and offer a greater flexibility with your schedule.

They can be especially effective for those new to Pilates or those returning after substantial absence, fantastic for post operative rehabilitation to strengthen joints and muscles and for injury prevention addressing imbalances and weakness before they turn into injuries. Private classes provide targeted sessions for your particular requirements using large apparatus including the reformer, Wunda chair, spinal arc and Matwork Pilates.

Duet Classes offer all of the above but can be shared with a friend or partner. All private sessions can be booked at the studio or your chosen location.

pneuma pilates workshop

Workshops and retreats

Pneuma Pilates offer luxury weekend retreats throughout the year combining our passion of nourishing foods freshly prepared and cooked by a private chef, restorative Pilates, and mindful practise. We also offer the opportunity to attend group workshops throughout the year focusing on more specific topics ranging from Pilates for dancers, rugby players, rowers to equestrian academies. Workshops are a great way to take time out, deepening your awareness and practice or exploring something new and interesting. The opportunity to focus on specific postures and ask a lot of questions makes workshops ideal for taking your practice to the next level.

Workshops provide a fantastic platform to combine your passion with ours. Pneuma Pilates offers a range of services to educate and inspire and can be customised to suit your requirements. We recommend joining our mailing list for announcements.



Group matwork classes are £12 – 16 depending on size

Private lessons £52 for 45 minutes

Private lessons £57 for 1 hour

Duet classes are £57 for 45 minutes

Duet classes are £62 for 1 hour

Private lessons at your chosen location at an additional cost (prices may vary)


Our monthly membership offers online Pilates classes. Available to all, anytime and anywhere, you get access to 10- 30 minute sessions, nutrition advice and recipes.

You gain unlimited access to all the content and we upload new videos every month! All the Pneuma motivation you’ll need for just £15 a month. Join now, we look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Somerset Wellbeing Weekend Retreat

Our fabulous Somerset wellbeing weekend retreat is held in a majestic, former Georgian rectory, combining luxury and wellness in a secluded venue allowing you to escape, relax and restore.  

The Somerset wellbeing retreat has been carefully designed to provide you with the perfect mix of luxury, pilates, mindful movement, nourishing foods and of course a little wine! We believe this is the perfect balance for good health, wellness and relaxation. By the end of the weekend retreat, you’ll feel rested, restored, reset and ready to float back into your life full of energy and positivity.

For more information head over to Somerset Wellbeing Weekend Retreat