Soak up the Sunshine

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This weather is just gorgeous at the moment, and making sure you get out in the sun has never been more important!

Our body makes vitamin D from direct sunlight on our skin when we’re outdoors.

During spring and summer most people get all the vitamin D they need. We also get vitamin D from eating a small range of foods, including oily fish – salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines – red meats and eggs.

It is currently estimated that nearly one billion people globally have low levels of Vitamin D in their blood, with those most at risk for vitamin D deficiency being people with darker skin, as determined by a US study.

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins to supplement your health with, as it supports everything from immune function to mood and muscle health, while playing a significant role in the absorption of additional key vitamins and minerals.

In the immune system, Vitamin D interacts directly with the cells that fight infection, while a number of studies have determined that supplementing with it could reduce the risk of respiratory tract infections.

Because Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium, it is believed to play a role in joint and bone pain, as one study determined that people with a Vitamin D deficiency were nearly twice a likely to experience pain in their ribs, legs, or joints, than those whose levels were in the normal range.

When it comes to cognition,Vitamin D receptors are located in the same part of the brain with depression, and a study conducted in 2013 showed that participants with depression also had lower vitamin D levels. The same study also noted that, statistically, those with low vitamin D levels were at a higher risk for developing depression.

Scientists are also doing clinical trials to see if vitamin D can help coronavirus patients. Some experts believe the nutrient may dampen down the extreme immune response which causes severe lung damage in some people with the infection. Some researchers have suggested that vitamin D deficiency might be linked with poorer outcomes if someone catches coronavirus. But it’s too soon to know if this is the case.

Pneuma Pilates Live & Online Continues ……
Due to the current government advice face to face classes and 1-1s still remain closed, however our fantastic and fun live classes continue! Please give them a go if you haven’t already, if so important to keep moving, and you can join from anywhere in the world!
If you’d like to continue with sessions or join a new one just send a quick yes to this email. Payment confirms your place. 

Starting Monday 29th June to Saturday 25th  July 

1 class weekly is £8 for 4 weeks = £32 for the block  ( 2 classes a week just double the above £16 per week= £64 for the block) 

Unlimited access is now £20 for 1 week = £80 for the block 

Monday 9.30am – Tone & Mobilise 

Thursday 9.30am- Strength & Tone 

Saturday 10am – Strength & Tone

( Monday 6.30pm if there is enough interest so please let me know if this time suits you  by Saturday) 

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