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Pneuma Pilates is inspirational. I’ve advanced so much with Ruth’s amazing knowledge, support and humour. There’s something for everyone from beginner to advanced, stretching to a tough workout. Harriet


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Brilliant all round, I’m really enjoying myself and can feel a big difference already. Thank you so much Ruth. Bridget


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Ruth is an amazing teacher and an fabulous person. Organised, cheerful, has the lessons extremely well planned and varied making sure to address all parts of the body. I have been doing Pilates for the past 30 years with various … Continued


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Having started a weekly class with Ruth around 18 months ago, I quite quickly increased to twice a week having seen and felt the difference Pilates was making to my body. Ruth is a fantastic instructor as she doesn’t just … Continued


Ruth is a dedicated & highly experienced teacher & I have benefited from her Pilates classes for nearly 5 years now. Ruth has an intuitive understanding of her clients needs & how best to challenge us individually without ever making … Continued


Ruth at Pneuma Pilates has really helped me develop my core as a dancer I am very hyper mobile, the movements in Pilates help to strengthen my muscles and increase my control and precision whilst dancing. Ruth is a great … Continued


Ruth has been amazing in helping me recover my mobility and strength after serious illness. She even came to me at home which meant I could begin my recovery more quickly. Her patience and confidence that I could achieve fitness … Continued


I have been attending Ruth’s Pilates classes for nearly 4 years, within that time Ruth has taught me how to improve my strength, core and flexibility. I have gained confidence within myself and have learnt I can do whatever I … Continued


As a former rugby player and strength athlete, I approached Ruth to help me with my flexibility and nutrition. I was immediately put at ease by Ruth’s friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable approach. I now have regular Pilates reformer sessions which … Continued