💙 Time for a Teaser?

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The TEASER is one of the shining stars of the Pilates Matwork from the classical mat repertoire, many of the exercises performed in the mat series lead into the teaser, the roll up, open leg rocker and so on.

⭐️Joseph Pilates named this exercise the teaser because he felt it was a ‘teaser’ of all that his exercise method worked towards and accomplishes.

💙Find out why you should be including these in your workouts….

🔵 The exercise works on strengthening the full body and incorparates many muscles including the abdominal muscles, spinal extensors and hip flexors.

🔵The teaser strengthens the back extensors and helps stretch your hamstrings and hips.

🔵 it also focuses and develops balance, spinal articulation and strength.

🔵There is a fabulous teaser series over on the membership site to help you build strength and work towards achieving your Pilates mat work teaser!

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