Staying Motivated

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I have been lucky over the years to work with many people both in pilates and nutrition who want to lose weight, gain muscle, build strength, tone, rehabilitate and improve heath and wellbeing.  Whilst some people appear to make changes very easily, the truth is lots struggle to stick to a specific food plan or exercise regime alone. 

Having the support of a professional works well for most people, as it provides support and guidance but also allows for habit forming routines, meeting weekly, checking in with someone, something or attending a group session .

It is  actually very difficult to rely on motivation and will power alone, there will of course be days you feel unstoppable and smash your goals, but there are also days when you might just rather stay in bed! Building new habits to reach your goals means they become part of your daily or weekly routine. By building in great habits your motivation will follow as you start to see positive results. So i really encourage you to track your progress and celebrate it.

The BIG question is are you still reaching your goals and staying on target? Below are a few tips to help you carry on!

To stay focused you need to have:

  • A REASON for doing so.
  • An easy to follow PLAN you can follow with the support of a professional if needed
  • TIME in your day to make it happen
  • Accountability or feedback to monitor your progress;  photos, videos, measurements whatever works for you!

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