Is Blue Monday even a thing …?

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So apparently the third monday of January has been titled ‘ blue monday’ a combination of Christmas blues, cold chilly nights and the arrival of bills and debit! Sounds like a terrible way to start the week if you ask me and al that gloom and doom is definitely not good for the mind ! The New Year can be a difficult time of year, its back to work, battling the colds and coughs and the festive period can soon become a distant memory! However, surely applying a little positive approach to this day can do us all a little good…. So instead lets keep the blues at bay, i’ve added a list if 5 tips to keep your monday anything but blue!

1 Eat Well, I know everyone says its important and perhaps you set yourself some nutritional goals for the 2020, are you still going ? Spend the rest of the day focusing on consuming nourishing, natural foods, plenty of veggies, fruit and protein and cut down on processed junk, you’ll feel so much better when you get into bed tonight!

2 Get outside, its cold yes possibly even freezing, but step out today even just for 10 minutes, walk around the garden or around the block….. and yes i mean it drop everything you are doing and just head out for 10 minute.s The fresh air is great to boost your mood, brain power and energy levels. A client mentioned to me last week instead of calling it mindfulness what about calling it ‘restfulness’ and its so true find something that is restful for the mind take 10 and then head back and carry on.

3 Do some Pilates, yep i know you guessed i’d say that right…? But do try some gentle stretches, some roll downs or come to a class, being active release endorphins that really do make you feel good!

4 Write out a list of 3 things that make you happy, maybe its a hot bath, singing to music, laughing on the phone or time to read a few pages of a good book. For me its time on the reformer, dancing around the kitchen with the kids, riding Jasper or walking the dogs ! However crazy it seems know what it is that makes you smile and include some of it today !

5 And finally if you’re still unsure get an early night, sleep is so important for the bod, and early night will do wonders for the body and mind and you’ll wake up feeling resorted and fresh!

If you have any tips leave them below…..

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