How are YOU feeling?

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How are YOU feeling?

With the UK being plunged back into lockdown, schools asked to work remotely and most of us having very little contact with the outside world it’s very normal to feel a little emotional.

However I really do think it’s important to focus on what you can do so here are a few of my self care tips for lockdown 3🧘🏾‍♀️

⭐️ be kind to yourself, no pressure, no guilt just kindness and self care.

⭐️journal, write down how you’re feeling each day, what you enjoyed, what you didn’t. Take some time to reflect and get the family to do this too. I’m going to leave a journal in the kitchen for anyone passing to write down a few words in, it really makes such a difference.

⭐️make sure you get some fresh air and daylight each day, it’s so important for mental health and will help you sleep better at night. I’m planning daily walks with the kids and dogs after they’ve finished there online lessons, and maybe a quick run around the block or bike ride at lunchtime just to break up the screen time.

⭐️choose 1 thing each day that makes your happy and make sure you schedule in time to do it! Obviously I love a bit of Pilates, a hot bath, a nice smelly candle a few minutes peace. I’m also loving gentle mindfulness practise, slowing the breath and taking 10.

⭐️move a little each day, whether it’s Pilates, a gentle stretch a walk, bike or full body workout!

⭐️connect, we’re all missing that human contact and connection at the moment, a quick call to a friend or family member. FaceTime/ Zoom anything that helps you connect with others. Share your love ❤️ it feels so good to speak to loved ones and they’ll appreciate it too!

⭐️reach out, if you’re struggling make sure you reach out to someone, whether it’s someone you know or an organisation, know you are never alone.

❤️sending you all so much love, it’s tough but we will get through this together so support, share , be kind and look after yourself too 😘

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