Happy New Year

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💫Happy New Year! 💕 I am hoping you are all having a lovely break and maybe starting to think of some of your wellness goals for 2023. First class starting Monday 9th January, don’t forget to sign up!

Here a just a couple of ideas….

  • cook something new each week
  • read more books
  • practise mindfulness, maybe it’s meditation or just a walk in nature
  • drink less alcohol ( I know, give it a go? ) I’ll be doing a month off so happy to guide/ support you.
  • commit to healthy sleep routine, no devices after 9pm
  • practise daily stretch/ Pilates 😊
  • take the stairs!
  • take a good multivitamin ( happy to advise)
  • make some YOU time each week, to include something you really love doing!

Please do share any ideas you have below 👇🏽

Just a note on weight loss…. I know so many focus on this in January! Dig a little deeper into it…
Think of all the reasons you’d like to lose weight, and feel better

  • maybe it’s for better skin
  • digestive issues
  • a wardrobe of clothes that don’t fit.
    Write down how achieving they goal weight will make you feel, include as much detail as possible, new confidence/ lightness/ control ……visual how you’ll look and keep that image in your mind! Check back on your goals and reasons why REGULARLY!

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