I’ve got a gut feeling about it ….

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“I’ve got a gut feeling …….”

Ever heard that expression and wondered why…?
Did you know that core health begins in the core of your body, sounds simple buts its really true!
The intestinal tract, where approximately 70% of your immune system resides. Diet, occasional stress, travel and even some medications may cause occasional imbalance of the good and non-beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract.

A healthy gut is without inflammation from inflammatory foods, additives, toxins, certain viruses, or an imbalance of bacteria. A healthy gut has a good balance of bacteria coating and protecting the single cell layer (the Microbiome). Those bacteria have plenty of fiber and plants to eat in order to thrive and to secrete a mucous protection layer of short chain fatty acids (SCFA). When the cells are healthy, the tiny microvilli on the top of each cell are intact, and working well to absorb nutrients.

Your Microbiome (balance of bacteria, yeast, viruses) is as unique as a fingerprint, so blanket statements without personalisation like, “everyone should take probiotics, or everyone should be on a certain diet” can cause more harm than good.

When the balance is upset a leaky gut can often occur. Leaky gut has inflammation, or too much “bad” bacteria (or not enough good bacteria to crowd those bad bacteria out) that are secreting toxins called lipopolysaccharides which break down the junctions holding the cells together. Larger food particles get in, showing themselves to the underlying immune system. The immune system recognizes these large particles as foreign and sets up its response system.

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