Look after yourself and your planet

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🌱 🌎 Look after yourself and your planet 🌎 🌱

@davidattenborough has spoken a lot about helping our natural world to recover and thrive. One of the easiest easiest ways we can all help is by consuming more plants!

🌱 So whilst our bodies absolutely LOVE us eating more plants the planet does too! It’s a win win!

🌱Here are a few of my tips and simple swaps to enjoy a little more plant goodness and reduce your carbon footprint 👣

🌱aim to eat more fruit and veg, I wrote a little post a few weeks back on aiming to eat 30 different fruit and veg a week, this is fabulous for your health and kind to the environment.

🌱 reduce food waste , simple swaps such as leaving the skins on fruit and veg ( which also adds more nutrients, great for gut health) batch cooking and freezing and trying to eat what you have before buying more.

🌱buy local and seasonal where possible!

🌱grow your own! But more about that shortly ….

Have you hit your 30 fruit and veg this week??

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