Back to School Vitamins

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☀️Ok team so the kids are heading back to school next week.

🌼I know there are mixed emotions among a lot of you about the this but remember they’ve been at home for a long time, they’ve been nourished, probably had a little more sleep than usual and plenty of r & r time with you. The socialising, interaction and exercise will do them good! ☀️

🤞🏽However with that being said a focus on avoiding the coughs, colds and the dreaded Covid are certainly a priority.

💊 SO over the next couple of weeks you may want to consider supporting their health with a little nutritional boost including plenty of fresh fruit 🍉 and vegetables 🌽 🥗 and a few supplements 💊to support there immune systems as they head back to school.

Here are my tops picks…

☀️ Vitamin D, often known as the sunshine vitamin is responsible for regulating hundreds of different pathways. It is almost impossible to get enough vit D from food alone especially at the moment as the strong rays don’t appear until mid April. ( we use a spray)

🧶 Probiotics, the gut is the foundation for almost all aspects of your health. Your gut microbiome contains trillions of bacteria, many of which are beneficial to human health.

🔩 Zinc, helps to increase white blood cells and fight off infection, and it also assists with the release of antibodies. Combine with the powers of vit C to boost immunity 🍊 ( a good multi vit helps)

🫐Elderberry is a fabulous addition to add in, packed full of antioxidants and vitamins it boosts the immune system. ( mine absolutely love it!)

🥗🌽🍉 Don’t forgot the food!! That’s where they’ll get the majority of the goodies from! Think about feeding them a breakfast like a champ 👑 plenty of fresh healthy supercharged snacks, healthy after school snacks 👍🏽🥚🌶🫑 too I always use this time to pack in the healthy snacks, they’re usually starving when they come out of school so it’s a perfect time to take advantage ☺️😉, and then again a healthy nutritious supper.

💤 lots of sleep too, it helps to support their immune system.

🌼Wishing them all the best back to school week ! Have a wonderful week and if you have any other fab ideas please do share below….

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