4 Simple Pilates exercises to get that booty moving

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Give this sequence a go at least 3 times through to really fire up the glutes.
1️⃣ donkey kicks with cow / cow x8
2️⃣ leg extensions x8
3️⃣ single leg bridge with leg work x8💪🏽

These simple Pilates exercises are a great sequence pre run to activate the glutes, often a weak peach can lead to complications. When your glutes are weak, they can cause decreased mobility in the hips, and the body then over-compensates for that lack of function and mobility from those two areas, which then leads to improper use of the rest of the muscles and functions in the body.

Donkey Kicks

add in cat/ cow- extending the leg whilst in back extension and then drawing the knee towards the chest whilst in cat x8 each leg.

Leg Extension

with a nice flat back, create a tripod with you arms and knee whilst extending the long leg away and gentle back tapping to the floor. x8 each leg

Single Leg Bridge

Spine curl into a bridge lifting the bottom away from the mat, extend one leg towards the ceiling and pulse bottom towards the floor and back up. x 8 each leg

Single Leg Bridge & Leg Stretch

Staying in your bridge now begin to lower and lift the long leg without letting that bottom drop. x8 each leg

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