Welcome to Pneuma Pilates

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A warm welcome to our brand new sparkly Pneuma Pilates site! As we enter a new decade I felt it finally time to give the Pilates side of the business its own identity. The Pilates company has evolved over the years into something so special and unique. It has brought together a positive and empowering community members.  Please take the time to explore the new site, there are lots of new and exciting features such as our new shop with Pneuma Club merchandise, Pilates equipment, all of the studio and timetable details and our new shinny super inspiring members’ site which is NEW for 2020!

Possibly the most exciting part of the site is our new virtual online Pneuma club. Our monthly membership offers online Pneuma Pilates classes from 10- 30 minute sessions, nutrition advice and recipes. There is also specific topic related videos such as equestrian pilates, pilates for dancers and pilates for back pain, and if there’s something you want that’s not on there just ask and will add it on. You gain unlimited access to all the content and we upload new videos every month! I really hope you enjoy the site and take advantage of the new features, share it with friends and lets help to bring a little more pneuma into our lives this 2020.