Welcome to the sparkle series !

The Sparkle Series is designed to give you extra energy and extra strength during the busy Christmas period! Not only will you get your pilates fix each week, you’ll head into the New Year feeling and looking your best! I have designed the Sparkle Series to include 5 powerful and effective workouts. Each routine will target your entire body, we’ll be using some small props to give each workout a little variety too! Get ready to sweat and have fun with Pneuma Pilates!

Who are the workouts suitable for ?

The workouts offer modifications and progressions making them suitable for all! As always listen to your body and ensure you working within a comfortable range.

What do I need for each workout?

Have a listen to the props video. You can also visit the shop on the website should you wish to purchase anything specific. Always have water to hand.

How long are the sessions?

The sessions are between 20-25 minutes each with an extra bonus class lasting around 5-8 minutes!

What happens if i miss a session?

The plan is designed to be completed in your own time, you can join as many or a few sessions per week as you want too!

Heat & Sparkle

A heart-pumping full-body experience. You will move through muscle-toning cardio, challenging jumping blasts, as well as familiar Pilates exercises you know and love.

Empower & Sparkle

Fun combinations that will work your entire body. You’ll be completing strengthening movements that use hand weights and you’ll need a hard floor and some socks so that you can feel exercises in a different way.

Align & Sparkle

The use of the mini ball allows us to mix things up with creative variations to exercises you already know. This class keeps a continuous flow throughout!

Renew & Sparkle

You will work all your muscles from head to toe with an emphasis on your spinal mobility. This is a fun fusion class combining Pilates and Yoga with focus and precision.

Tone & Sparkle

Such a fun class you’ll need a band for these playful variations if a booty burner and you’ll certainly feel the burn!

Bonus Moves

You’ll also notice there are a couple of added bonus videos included, those can be used as an add on or stand alone!

Nutrition & Wellness

You might find it useful to visit the nutrition and wellness page on the membership platform to help set your goals for the next month. There is also lots of information on food, eating for health






Ok, so you’ve done the most outstanding job getting this far, not only have you completed the sparkle series, you’ve also gained routine, focus, dedication, commitment and now you’re reaping the results right? All in time to head into the New Year feeling FABULOUS!

Hopefully you’re feeling better inside and out, stronger, longer, more flexible, completing this program really is just the start of your journey. I challenge you to continue with your dedication, commitment and success throughout the rest of the year and see what you really are capable of achieving! The sky is the limit….. head over to the pilates and stretch page to continue your exercise journey.