Welcome To Your Online May You Mobilise Program


Welcome to the month long Pneuma Pilates ‘May You Mobilise’ Program, it’s time to get stretchy and flexi! This program is designed to get even the most inflexible and stiff individual an improved range of motion and help you to move freely and with ease!

Our focus over the next month is to improve your FLEXIBILITY and your MOBILITY.

FLEXIBILITY : This refers to the range of motion at a joint that can be PASSIVELY displayed. ( ie you can stretchy but not move greatly whilst in that position eg the splits!)

MOBILITY : Which comes from the word ‘to move” refers to your range of active motion. Therefore mobility is the range of motion of a joint that can be ACTIVELY displayed. ( ie a high kick)

What are we doing..?

Together we will be working out 4 x week throughout May ! You can Pick n’ Mix your sessions by choosing from each of the 3 key components below.

Choose 1 Mobility & Stretch Routine, aim for x4 a week (choose from the selection included)

1 Super Stretch, a different stretch for each workout, so by the end of the week you’ll have completed 4 different super stretches.

1 Core Routine, to enable you to have a mobile body you need a strong core 10 minutes of core will help achieve this!

4 x Workouts a Week…

The program consists of 4 weekly mobility and stretch routines to be complete each week throughout May (and beyond i hope) in addition each session you’ll add in a super stretch routinesto complete after each mobility and stretch routine and 1 core focused routine.

An example of an ideal week might look like the following :

Monday: Serene Stretch + Super Stretch Spine + 6 min Core Blaster
Tuesday: Mobility Moves Me + Super Stretch Glutes + 5 min Planktastic
Wednesday: REST DAY or PILATES
Thursday: Morning Stretch + Super Stretch Chest & Shoulders + 10 min Core Blaster
Friday: REST DAY
Saturday: Mighty Fine Mobility + Super Stretch Hips and Thighs + Weekend Core

Ok, so you’ve done the most outstanding job getting this far, not only have you completed the 4 week may you mobilise program, you’ve also gained routine, focus, dedication, commitment and now you’re reaping the results right?

Time for a reward, absolutely!!! Hopefully you’re feeling better inside and out, stronger, longer, more flexible, completing this program really is just the start of your mobility journey.….. head over to the pilates and stretch page to continue your exercise journey.

Finally a huge congratulations from me to you, you did it and you did it SO well!